dimarts, 17 de febrer de 2009


At 8.30 we had to do P.E but the teacher hasn't come, so we have had free time, after this, we had done greek and french. At 11'30 we have had free time, as all days, and after having a rest to have breakfast we had done spanish and latin.

At 14'00 I had gone to have lunch to a restaurant called "E.T" (like the famous film) with some of my classmates. We usually have lunch there on tuesday because we must be back to school at 15'00 (we assist to "Huw's english speaking lessons"). We don't live here in Roquetes, so we don't have time to go home and have lunch in one hour.

At 15'30 we had done english with Nacho (our tutor) and catalan. At 17'30 everybody was so tired after a long language day...

When I had arrived home, I tried to do some homework...
After doing some homework I have had a shower.
At 22'00 I have had dinner with my parents and I have watched one of my favourite tv programs. It's called APM? (Alguna Pregunta Més?= Any question else?).

Here, there are some APM's videos.

dilluns, 16 de febrer de 2009


Today, as everyday, I have woken up at 7.30 hs,I have caught the bus at 8.10 hs, and have arrived at school at 8.25hs
At 8.30 o'clock the doorbell has rung, and so me and my classmates have gone upstairs with no face and the weekend's hangover.

After that, we have done latin, tutoring and philosophy. Then, at half past eleven we have had free time and at twelve o'clock we have been back to the classroom to do greek and literature.

At 14.00hs, I have gone to have lunch at home, and at 15.30hs I've gone back to school to do CMC and french.

At 17.30, finally, I've caught the bus and got back home. I have eaten something and after this, homework, homework and homework. I have had dinner, watched TV (a program called "Crackovia") and I have gone to sleep at 12hs.

Here I put some videos from "Crackovia" this is one of the best programmes on TV. It's about sports in Spain (Barça, Madrid, Pau Gasol, Rafa Nadal, etc) It's very funny! I love it! ^^

dijous, 12 de febrer de 2009

This is the diary of two normal days of my life during the 1st Batxillerat course. Next, I'll put the diary of a normal week during 2nd course! ;)